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How to Motivate Yourself to Meditate – You Must Get Healthy

The benefits of meditation are much and encompassing. Meditation is a very healthy practice that helps to boost mindfulness and renews and clarifies the mind.

The American Heart Association published a study in a journal that stated that regular meditation helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks. This is to say that the benefits of meditation are not just for mental health. Physical health gets benefits too.

Despite being helpful, sometimes it can be tiring to start. So you will have to learn to motivate yourself to meditate. So the question is, how to motivate yourself to meditate? 

In this helpful article, you will find out some tips you use to motivate yourself to meditate.

7 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Meditate

Below are seven simple plans you implement to motivate yourself to meditate.

1. Make a list of the benefits of meditation

One of the first steps to motivate yourself to meditate is to research and make all the benefits it provides for the mind, spirit, emotions, and body.

Underline those essential and relevant to you. Then, set a goal based on the underlined benefit(s) you want to achieve.

2. Set a goal for your meditation

There is no goal and no focus, and if there is no focus, no drive or passion will exist. What is the plan you want to achieve? How fast do you want to achieve the goal?

The knowledge of this will get you at the appropriate times to meditate. Also, when you begin to meditate and see progress toward your goal, you will be motivated even to meditate more.

3. Overcome the mistake that you don’t have time for meditation

Part of motivating yourself to meditate is to remind yourself that you don’t need much time. A 20 minutes meditation daily is very okay If you maintain a busy schedule.

Don’t beat yourself up; you must begin at 30 minutes or an hour. Even a consistent 10 minutes meditation is very okay.

4. Make use of music

Listening to relaxing music can put you in the mood to want to meditate. Also, playing it in the background while meditating is a great tool that helps you to push deeper and focus harder.

Make a collection of your favorite calm and classical music and get a speaker or, better still, a headphone that you can pluck on your eyes and help to keep noise and distraction away from you.

5. Get a comfortable meditation position

Don’t start meditation in an unpleasant position; this will kill you to press further.

One way to motivate yourself to meditate is to get a comfortable meditation position that allows you to be relaxed and comfortable. When you have a good meditation position, it encourages you to want to do it more.

You can buy meditation cushion, specifically for meditating. Here you can find out what to look out for when buying a meditation cushion.

6. Eliminate all obstacles to meditate

List all the obstacles preventing you from meditating. Outline the ways they do this and develop a strategy to counter them.

When you don’t know the obstacle and how they operate, you will be easily distracted or, worst still, feel unenthusiastic about meditation. Dealing with obstacles is an effective way to motivate yourself to meditate.

7. Get an accountability partner or join a meditation group

If you are a group person, getting an accountability partner or joining a meditation group is the best way to motivate yourself to motivate.

You can ask to put to check and have your progress tracked by your group or accountability partner,


Meditation is an effective way to improve your concentration, mindfulness, and memory. You can follow the tips mentioned above to keep yourself motivated to meditate.

Always ensure you start gradually and advance. Avoid jogging around. Start a meditation style, master it and move to the next.