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Weight Loss Diet Plan

What with the sudden popularization of size zero by celebrities and the rise in awareness of the hazards of obesity everybody suddenly wants to lose weight.

All this fuss has led to the rise of numerous weight loss diets which often consist of starving yourself for weeks just so you can shed a few pounds. But many do not realize these so called instant weight loss diets are extremely hazardous to health.

Some of the popular diets like Liquid diets, Cabbage soup diets. Atkins diet, General Motor diets etc are not very appealing to the obese and need extreme self control to be followed meticulously. Also if one gives up in the middle of a regime, which happens very often, they end up gaining more than they bargained of in rebound.

Hence it is just best for an obese man to stick to 1500 Kilo calorie diets that are easy to follow and also healthy for all age groups. You will definitely not give up soon as these diets allow a variety of tasty food items and encourage occasional indulges.

These weight loss diet plans are broken down into three main meals. The main meals provide about 400 kilo calories and the snacks and desert contribute about 200 kilo calories. Preferably one must stick to the three meal plan and avoid snacks in between. To satisfy the initial pangs in the first few days of the day, you may indulge in low calories snacks.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, pulses, whole grains, milk, salmon, eggs, olive oils are the recommended food items. Also fresh fruit juices with no sugar or cream and water can be drunk in unlimited quantities in between meals.

Here is a sample Weight Loss Diet Plan

Breakfast: Oatmeal / scrambled eggs/ 2 slices of bread

Coffee / Tea with fat free milk

Snack: one Apple / One Cucumber

Lunch: Rice/ 2 slices Bread/

One serving meat

Vegetable Salad

Snack: Tea/coffee with fat free milk


Potatoes/ One serving meat

Bread/ Rice/ Tacos

Vegetable Salad/ Fruit desserts

The goal of this weight loss diet plan is about 5 Kilograms in 12 weeks. This weight loss may not be instant but it is very healthy and prevents rebound. All the food items in this plan will satisfy the taste buds of obese patients and encourage them to reduce weight. Make sure you have at least one cheat meal a week where you can indulge in any food of your choice.