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Progressivism, pace cameras, well being care

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Chuck Chalberg’s opinion piece (“Outline ‘revolutionary,'” Nov. 27) was once, as standard, a well-crafted attack on a straw guy. He were given to select the outline of a “revolutionary” and he additionally were given to select who to check them to. If his level was once to mention that unhealthy (or dumb) issues took place beneath the guise of progressivism previously, he’s proper. If his level was once that people, progressives or differently, are unsuitable, then he did a fantastic activity as effectively. However the ones were not truly his issues, had been they? His key level was once that lately’s progressives are pursuing concepts — concepts that he does not believe — and can in the future feel sorry about them. Almost certainly true, however so what? That is human conduct and, as a historian, he is aware of that.

Do I believe the entire progressives’ concepts or objectives? Completely no longer; I feel many are erroneous, which is my proper. However, who has the same opinion with the entirety their selected birthday celebration and applicants believes in? That is why I make a selection the candidate that I feel is maximum proper and can do essentially the most just right — or least harm — to the rustic now and one day. For me, at the moment, that is the Democrats.

Chalberg is simply certain that if progressives had been just a bit extra like conservatives, they would not pursue the ones wild and loopy concepts. What he does not appear to clutch is that during some ways, they may well be extra conservative than maximum Republicans. How’s that conceivable? As a result of maximum Democrats, it could appear, have the similar positive view of the long run and nonetheless suggest concepts to make it higher, as they all the time have — some just right, some no longer so just right. Some will paintings, some would possibly not — however let’s depart that to historical past.

As for Republicans and so-called conservatives? Examine Eisenhower Republicans to these lately. Now who is the unconventional?

D. Roger Pederson, Minneapolis


Chalberg provides his standpoint on how the insurance policies of U.S. political leaders, previous and provide, meet the definition of a “revolutionary” flesh presser. Chalberg additionally provides his standpoint on progressivism and local weather trade. And because this factor is among the extra contentious problems lately, steadily dividing conservatives, who continuously deny or downplay this disaster, and progressives, I want to problem Chalberg’s opinion in this subject.

Chalberg first states that Roosevelt may also be regarded as a revolutionary as a result of his competitive preservationist insurance policies. And I definitely do agree. However Chalberg additionally contends that as a result of Roosevelt appreciated “most sustained yield” of the forests, the Tough Rider would no longer endorse the “present ‘inexperienced power’ marketing campaign to struggle local weather trade.”

I am pondering, despite the fact that, that if Roosevelt had been in reality alive lately, and significantly studied the science relating to local weather trade, he would keep in mind that greenhouse gasses, generated by way of the burning of fossil fuels, motive extra intense classes of heavy rain and considerably longer dry classes to happen. And because of this, insect infestations and woodland fires have led to a lumber scarcity, which has ended in a vital building up in homebuilding prices. So Roosevelt’s opinion lately about local weather trade, I consider, would a lot more most probably be in keeping with the vast majority of Twenty first-century progressives.

I do agree, on the other hand, with Chalberg that our nation should head in a route the place the Charter bureaucracy the root of presidency coverage. And whilst our forebears definitely did not see the local weather disaster coming, I consider their guideline that we should “advertise the overall welfare” may be very related lately. Our country should be extremely proactive in addressing the local weather disaster factor, particularly when the well being and lives of hundreds of thousands of folks international may also be jeopardized.

J.R. Clark, Minneapolis


In accordance with the editorial counterpoint “Digital camera police officers: One thing’s mistaken with this image” (Opinion Alternate, Dec. 1): Many different states permit “photograph police officers,” each for crimson mild runners and speeders. If they may be able to do it, why can not Minnesota amend its present regulations to permit the similar enforcement way? I labored in downtown Minneapolis the closing time it was once attempted, and it was once very efficient at expanding the protection within the spaces the place the photograph police officers had been put in. On most sensible of that, after two decades the era has change into such a lot higher that drivers faces must be obviously visual. With cautious crafting, optimistically, the regulations may also be modified to permit the usage of “photograph police officers,” as a result of lives could be stored!

Joe Tretter, Minneapolis


Referring to “Digital camera police officers: One thing’s mistaken with this image”: The author lists what ended in “disastrous penalties” when cameras had been used to catch speeders — two decades in the past. He notes low-bidder cameras that ended in blurry footage. Neatly, we now have come a ways in two decades with regards to virtual pictures, so let’s set up cameras that can be offering transparent footage. Mounted!

He laments “The levying of a $142 fantastic on an proprietor of a car even though any individual else was once riding it.” How is that even a subject? Inform the landlord to invite the driving force to pay them again. And if they’ll no longer pay them again, perhaps the driving force must prevent loaning them the auto. Duh.

He worries about “Enforcing the load at the car homeowners to end up they weren’t riding on the time of the snapshot.” See: higher cameras and making the driving force pay you again.

His ultimate “defect” is “a dose of racism for the reason that cameras had been disproportionately positioned in or close to low-income interior town spaces.” I agree. I force Interstate 94 from the St. Croix River into the towns, and going 73 mph within the 70 mph zone, I’m handed by way of just about everybody. When I move Interstate 494, I will pass 60 mph and maximum of those that would have handed me ahead of the drop in pace restrict are nonetheless doing effectively over 70. If everybody who sped on that path was once charged $142, lets line the similar roadways with gold in a few years. (Oh, and plenty of of the ones vehicles are from Wisconsin. Simply sayin’.)

Luke Soiseth, Lake St. Croix Seashore


The Nov. 29 document on UnitedHealth Workforce’s anticipated earnings for this yr and past is a superb lesson in why our well being care programs are suffering (“UnitedHealth expects benefit acquire”). Within the document (which was once made to an investor convention), we be told that for each and every buck of top rate that UHG collects, it spends 82 cents on hospital treatment. The related determine for standard Medicare is 98 cents.

I am certain that UHG’s shareholders are smiling. Their sufferers: no longer such a lot.

Jim Hart, Stillwater

The author is a retired doctor.


If truth be told, there is just one explanation why Sanford and Fairview well being programs need to pursue a merger, and it has little to do with bettering the care of folks whether or not in rural spaces or city: They each need to earn more money. And bet who will likely be paying to fill their coffers? Alongside that very same line, perhaps we must additionally name consideration to UnitedHealth’s $360 billion earnings projection for 2023, as reported in Wednesday’s Trade segment. It is so evident, it hurts.

Paul Waytz, Minneapolis

The author is a retired doctor.